ImStilllSingle’s Personal Dating Survey

Hello welcome to my site “ImStilllSingle”. Obviously as the title says I’m still single!

I’ve been trying different dating sites, but none of them really test personality matches like they should. There is no real “blind date” type thing on dating sites because you will usually see a picture. Furthermore, I’m sick & tired of sites charging large amounts of money just to exchange messages. So I decided you know what? I’ll start my own personal dating site catered to myself.

Below you will see a variety of questions mixed randomly. Please answer them honestly. There are no wrong answers. I’ve never really taken online dating sites seriously, but more like a thing of “well if I get lucky, but not counting on it”. I think that’s how most feel.

Before you take my survey, just a few things about myself. I live in the United States, male, late 20s, and seeking a female long term relationship. Please only take my survey if you are a female, 18 or over, single, and want to see if we are a match. Your answers will not be used for anything other than this.

If you are serious about knowing whether we are a match or not you need to take the initiative and tweet @ImStilllSingle or e-mail with your first name and I will reply with a yes or no. If I give a Yes, then we will obviously get to know eachother more.  I will personally reply to everyone!  

I’mStilllSingle (but hopefully not for long!)

Please share my survey and retweet!

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